International Students Farewell Lunch (2007-09-14)

A farewell lunch was organized by Ms. Donna Harding, Int'l Students Administrator, at the Frankston High Schoo for Yuki Watanabe and other international Yr 12 students.


It was a beautiful spring day on the 14 September 2007. We all had a happy time celebrating the completion of the students' study at FHS.


Yuki in his Soccer uniform with his name and number.


Tomo is having a piece of pizza.


Ms. Hogg attended during her busy schedule immediately after coming back from her business trip to Brazil.



Good appetite, Boys!



This is "Yuki No.2" from Susono city.



Rie and friends



One of the Yr12 students receiving her Certificate and present from Ms. Hogg, Director of Int'l Student program.


Yuki receiving his certificate and present.


Proud student! Well, Done, Yuki!


Yuki with Ms. Donna Harding, who has been supporting all the int'l students at FHS.


ESL teachers are always supporting the int'l students at FHS.


Japanese students from ICC.



Yuki with his "Mates".


Girls' Talk (1)


Girls' Talk (2)


Tomo shoking hands with Mr Albiston, the principal.



Mr. Albiston wishes Yuki a Good Luck on his departure.


Good Luck! Yuki! ....and,
Thank you for viewing the photos, Kazu






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